J&K State Financial  Corporation is a statutory Corporation established under SFCs Act 1951(Central Act 63 of 1951). The objectives of the Corporation envisage promotion of industry and service sector in the state of J&K by catering to the financial requirements of these sectors  in the Medium, Small and Micro Scale(MSME). The financial and technical assistance from the Corporation is extendable to industry and service sector including Tourism and Transport Industry.
The main objectives of the Corporation are:-


  • The manufacture, preservation or processing of goods;
  • Mining or development of mines;
  • The hotel industry;
  • The transport of passengers or goods  by road or by water or by air(or by ropeway or by lift)
  • The generation or distribution of electricity or any other form of power;
  • The maintenance, repair testing or servicing of machinery of any description or vehicles or vessels or motor boats or trailers or tractors;
  • Assembling, repairing or packing any article with the aid of machinery or power
  • Assembling, repairing or packing any article with the aid of machinery or power
  • The setting up or development of an industrial area or industrial estate
  • Fishing or providing shore facilities of fishing or maintenance thereof;
  • Providing weigh bridge facilities
  • Providing engineering, technical, financial, management, marketing or other services or facilities for industry
  • Providing  medical ,health or other allied services
  • Providing software or hardware services related to information technology, telecommunications or electronics including satellite linkage and audio or visual cable communication
  • Setting up or development of tourism relating facilities including amusement parks, convention centres, restaurants, travel and transport(including those at Airports), tourism service agencies and guidance and counseling services to the tourists;
  • Construction
  • Development, maintenance and construction of roads;
  • Providing commercial complex facilities and Community Centrers including conference halls.
  • Floriculture
  • Tissue culture, fish culture, poultry farming, breeding and hatcheries;
  • Service industry, such as altering ,ornamenting, polishing, finishing, oiling, washing, cleaning or otherwise treating or adapting any article or substance with a view to its use, sale, transport, delivery or disposal;
  • Research and development of any concept technology design, process or product whether in relation to any of the matter aforesaid, including any activities approved by the Small Industries Development Bank of India; or
  • Such other activity as may be approved by the Small Industries Development Bank of India.