Sanctioning Authority

Keeping in view the revision in the limit of accommodation, the powers to sanction of loans have been delegated to various Committees/authority. The dispensation at different levels is given, as under:-



Board of Directors

Above ` 5 crore upto ` 10 crore

Executive Committee

Above ` 3 crore up to ` 5.00 crore.

In House-Committee (comprising of M.D, G.M, DGMs and Branch Head of the concerned District as Members )

loans beyond Rs.1.00Crore to Rs.3.00Crore

Managing Director

Above Rs. 49.00 lakh to 1Crore

Committee (A) headed by GM, Chief Manager (PFS) and the Concerned Branch Head and his/her 2nd in command as members of the Committee.

Loan beyond Rs. 15.00 lakh to Rs.49.00 lakh.

District Officers

Upto ` 9.00 lakh (District Incharges upto Rs.5.00 only)
[ in Transport Sector only]


Upto ` 9.00 lakh
[ in Transport Sector only]